Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Mission Statement and Goal

In this blog, I want to spend some time thinking about the different forces and perspectives that exist in out nation and world about education.  I've decided to try find ways to discuss the different ideas and I even have some debates planned for this blog.  So to keep me on task, I am posting my mission statement and my goals to help keep me on track.

Mission Statement

To be an honest critic of what is going on in education.  I will endeavor to be honest to myself and the views that I am trying to understand and examine.  Being involved in Education, for me, means that we will have to pay attention to the variety of forces that can impact how our classrooms and schools are run. My hope is that by documenting my efforts, I will be able to build such a method.


Post every Friday: Its nice to have a schedule

Build a Rotation of posts: Right now I am thinking of article and book reviews, current events, debates, and op-eds, but we'll see how everything shapes out.

See you Friday!

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