Friday, July 24, 2015

Testing, Testing, Testing...

Article: States Continue to Move away from Testing

States seem to be responding to the resistance against testing, but that movement seems to be slow and very focused on their parts.  More and more governors are opting out of the testing but continue to show their allegiance towards the Common Core and Accountability.  So my question is, are Governors making real evaluations or re-evaluations or is this just a political move to pacify protests?  I am inclined to the believe the latter because there's been few moves against the idea of testing and this strict evaluation of schools, students, and teachers.  I do not question the ability of testing to find meaning and evaluate the work of schools, I do however, question if we have a concept of that the meaning and work of schools should be?  Testing can really only be effective if we know why we are testing and what we are testing for?  Your thoughts?

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